Podcast 222: Ben Kanute on Why A Calm Mind is a Fast Mind

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This week we catch up with professional triathlete Ben Kanute.

We first interviewed Ben for episode 43 back in November of 2016. We talked about Ben’s roots in triathlon, the influence of one of his earliest coaches, and a detailed account of Ben’s road to the Rio Olympics. At that time, he has just made the switch to his Coach Jim Vance. I highly recommend going back to have a listen to both of those podcasts; great information for life and sport.

In this episode, we dive in with Ben to find out what’s been going on with this US Olympian and 3x National Champion since we last spoke. BJ and I are excited to share our conversation today, thank you so much for tuning in.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • why a calm mind is a fast mind
  • different states of flow
  • energy management
  • how yoga has informed his performance in triathlon
  • honing his fatherhood skills
  • the most powerful type of goals
  • Ben and Courtney’s languages of love

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