Podcast 218: Ian Myers on Getting Out of the Safe Zone and Revealing our Shadow Self

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Ian Myers is back on the show this week with an up-leveled version of himself. In the spring of 2018, we sat down with Ian to share his epic transformation story, which began with living his first thirty years as vegetable-free. He was knocking on the door of lifestyle disease until he woke up to a strong desire for change. He left his job, his friends, and bad habits behind to restart his life in Colorado. This first chapter of his journey led to the birth of Ian Myers Wellness, and today we catch up to find him diving deeper to reach higher levels of health.

Ian has been spending much of his time getting out of his headspace and into his heart space. He views himself and others in more expansive ways by being curious and brave to converse in a way that gets under the surface chatter. We catch up with Ian off the heels of an epic road trip, and he shares openly about the tenderness that he is experiencing as a result of shining a light on his shadow self and practicing the art of allowing.

In all that is Ian Myers fashion, this conversation is deeply touching and heartfelt. We are grateful to have Ian in the YT community and to be able to share this episode with you all today. If you are local to San Diego or surrounding areas, make sure to join Ian for morning meditation at Moonlight Beach, we guarantee you won’t regret spending time in his presence.

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