Podcast 216: Tara Calihman, Stand-Up Comedian and Roller Derby Mom on Finding the Gold in Life

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Our guest today is Tara Calihman. She is a writer, stand-up comedian, mother to my godson, and woman who is always living big. In 2016 Tara spearheaded a family move from Boulder, Colorado to Greystones, Ireland. With her husband Adam and young son Eli by her side, Tara led the way into a new life in a new country where they knew no one and had just 90-days for Tara to find a job.

The clock ticked, but Tara was not ready to compromise. She was firm on her requirements, knew Tech was on the rise in the Dublin area, and as a student of meditation, she also knew her power to manifest. In this episode, we dive into the massive challenges that she met along the way and how she remained steadfast.

As long as I have known Tara, I have known her as someone who is not too scared to see her limitations, take the roof of those limitations, and pursue her dreams. She is always going after something that is not in her comfort zone. She is one of our dearest friends, and we are so grateful to be sharing her with the YT community.

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