Podcast 214: Julie Piatt, Spiritual Wellness Warrior on Loving Ourselves to Create a Beautiful World

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Just because it makes no sense and it makes no money doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pursue it. When we practice paying attention and living in alignment with what feels true for us, we fulfill many endeavors that don’t agree with the intellect perspective; this does not make them the wrong choice. What it does is make space for a life of creation and bravery, expansion and growth. It opens us up to a divine life experience that begins with a dedication to knowing ourselves.

There is no question, we are living in unprecedented times, and the soil is ripe for awakening. It is our birthright to know our truth and find what makes our hearts sing. We have the right to celebrate our gifts and love ourselves beyond condition.

Never on automatic and always in the Now, Julie Piatt is a living example of what I describe, and it is my great honor to welcome her to the YogiTriathlete community. Julie is a yogi, a mother, and a deliberate creator of beauty. She is the author of three best-selling cookbooks, the host of “For the Life of Me” podcast, creator of the Water-Tiger spiritual community, and founder of SriMu: Do Life. Not Cheese. She is wife to ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll and is no stranger to doing things that make no sense.

Julie shares great wisdom throughout this episode on meditation, our addiction to constant motion, the constructs of our society that support negative neural looping, and the truth that she and Rich followed to bring them to their divine life of today. Julie encourages us all to turn inward, to cultivate self-love and dedicate ourselves to knowing ourselves for that leads us to ultimate freedom.

We thoroughly enjoyed recording this episode, and we hope that you find it enlightening. I would say revisit it a few times as the content is plentiful and the messaging deep. Thank you for your support of the show and thank you to Jeremy Allyn for producing this episode, we are so grateful for your energy in the collective.

Namaste –

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