Podcast 208: Arshad Bahl, founder of Amrita Health Foods on Pursuing the Happiness Factor for Living a Better Life

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If you are a regular YTP listener, then you’ve heard BJ tell the story of how he transitioned from his corporate job in 2016. He talks about finding the perfect company that allowed him to shift his profession into alignment with his values and beliefs. The company was Amrita Health Foods, and this was the timeframe when Arshad Bahl, founder of Amrita, came into our lives. It truly could not have been a better situation, although it became evident in just a few months that BJ’s desire to become a triathlon and run coach was commanding that he go all-in. In turn, BJ left Amrita, but we all gained a friendship.

Today we get to hear this story from Arshad’s perspective and learn the beautiful story behind Amrita. Arshad had no plans of creating a plant-based nutrition product, but when he and his wife welcomed their son Ayan into the world in 2004, the pathway for Amrita was also born.

Diagnosed with Autism when he was very young, Ayan suffered greatly from GI distress. Arshad and his wife set off on a mission to ease their son’s dis-ease. They chose the long-term plan to change Ayon’s diet while pursuing aggressive therapies to benefit their son as much as possible. It is a journey that allowed them to step into deeper levels of faith and trust as they experienced grave moments of fear and helplessness.

Amrita is a brand that is doing its part to make the world a better place. With an aggressive give-back model and plans for future expansion, we don’t expect that Amrita will be hiding in the shadows anytime soon. Arshad encourages us all to do what fills our heart and leave us feeling us purposeful. I believe his story asks us all to believe in ourselves enough to take risks so that we may experience the happiness transaction of business that he speaks of in this interview.

We absolutely loved recording this conversation, and we hope you enjoy it. If it sparks a flame, we encourage you to fa

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