Podcast 197: Ask the YTS on the Knowledge Beyond Doubt and a New Perspective on “Old” Injuries

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Who wants to live in doubt? No one. Yet, so many of us live under the reign of uncertainty each day.

This perspective choice makes trusting our path and how it unfolds difficult. Much of what we see on our road will be a scary uphill battle as long as we indulge doubt. What we miss along the way is the variety of endless perspectives. A limited vortex of choice to see each moment. The option of how to view life is ours, always has been, always will be. This freedom to choose is because we have free will. The confusion, feeling of being “stuck,” or moving backward on our path comes from believing that our first response to a life circumstance is the truth.

Let’s put this into the scenario of this episode.

We have a question from an athlete on route to a spring marathon. The training was consistent; everything was going well, and then, out of the blue, old injuries showed up to impede progress. For most athletes, the initial response is that this experience negatively affects the outcome in the spring and is a setback to training.

This initial response, profoundly influenced by societal programming, is just the most practiced program. Meaning, it’s an “auto-pilot” setting in the brain. It’s the default belief but by no means the only choice available. There are endless perspectives on every experience in our lives, yet so often, we choose the one that keeps us in the problem.

The solutions are never in the problem.

Another deep episode on account of your thought-provoking questions. Thank you for giving us the space to share wisdom, love, and knowledge from our hearts and experience as long-time endurance athletes. And remember, no effort is a waste. Not one moment of our life is off-purpose. If we pay attention and act on the calls of our hearts, we will see the incremental moments that lead us to the next level of living.

Namaste –

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