Podcast 193: Ask the YTs on Taking the Leap, Happiness Now and Meditation as a Tool for Athletic Greatness

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To realize a dream is not wait for it to manifest but to live it right now. To calibrate our attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs in the present moment in the direction of our dreams. As we fine-tune the feel of our life we give space for the universe to organize on our behalf. You see, our happiness is not in the future. Our abundance is not in the future. Our ideal body and nutrition are not in the future. They are all right now. The change we wish to see in the world and in our own lives is right now.

We came here on purpose to realize what is living in our hearts. We did not come here to endure misery and discontent as our life experiences. We came here to wake up to the practical use that misery and discontent serve and their role in strengthening our desire to live life to its fullest.

For what seemed like lifetimes, BJ, and I would ask our higher intelligence to show us how we can serve in this life. We had a strong desire to create a community. To yoke, or bring together like-minded warriors who were willing and inspired to be their best selves. Before the evidence showed itself, we believed. Before YogiTriathlete grew into a viable business, we remained unwavering in our trust. Today we find ourselves in the slipstream of our dreams. Growing every day and consistently walking into the unknown with the very same belief and confidence that brought us to where we are today.

Without a healthy mindset, and purposeful calibration, we would not sit in the very honored place we sit today.

Thank you for your trust and belief. Thank you for sending us your curiosities and inquiries. Today we honor you as integral members of this ever-emerging community who collectively seek a better world. A tribe of like-minded warriors who know that said world begins deep within each one of us right now.

Thank you for once again assisting us in creating a meaningful conversation with this episode. This is for you.

Namaste –

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