Podcast 190 – Best of 2019

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We are excited to share our “Best of 2019” with you guys today. Based on your feedback and our intuition we are showcasing six episodes from the past year. We are so grateful to be the conduit of wisdom and to share these guests with you. Here’s to a bountiful New Year for all!

Podcast 139: Talbot Cox of Talbot Cox Media
Talbot Cox is in the slipstream of his creation and knows there is no other direction to move than forward. He has faced adversity and triumphed. He has seen how fast life-savings can dwindle and how quickly a financial situation can turn into debt. Following his passion full-gas has also caused a major disruption in the norm of sports media and with that, many people are not supporters of his mission but this has not stopped him. His intention is not to upset. His intention is not to hoard the knowledge that has afforded him exceptional success in a short period of time. Talbot is very clear on his intention and that is to grow a sport that he holds very close to his heart and create abundance for as many involved as possible along the way.

Podcast 151: Tom Voss, The Meditating Vet
In 2004, 20-year-old Tom Voss was deployed to Mosul, Iraq to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was a part of a scout sniper platoon which meant that many days it was Tom’s job to run towards gunfire as he gathered intel for military operations. He never expected to return home alive and early on in his deployment he surrendered his resistance to death. Tom endured relentless exposure to violence and sustained what he calls, moral injury. He was diagnosed and treated for PTSD with pharmaceutical drugs that quieted his symptoms but not his deep moral wounds. He knew he needed to begin processing the deep pain and grief that could not be medicated away.

Podcast 159: Magda Boulet of GU Energy
Magda is Vice President of Innovation, Research, and Development at GU and it all started many years ago when she knocked on the door and asked for help. At the time, Magda was a roadrunner looking to up her game and she knew that sports nutrition was an important piece for her to learn. That day she met the legendary Dr. Vaughan, who created the first energy gel to aid his daughter to reach her peak performance in ultrarunning. Never did Magda think that day, that she would also someday become an ultramarathoner and a GU executive.

Podcast 160: Kristin Mayer of Betty Designs
Kristin Mayer started her morning on a seemingly ordinary Monday utterly unaware that her life was about to change forever. At 1 pm that afternoon, Kristin’s husband confessed that he was no longer happy and no longer committed to sharing his life with her. In those moments, Kristin experienced everything that one could imagine when their life turns upside down. One day at a time and on many days, one moment at a time she rebuilt herself and discovered strength she didn’t realize she possessed. Today Kristin finds herself at the top of one of the most recognizable brands in the endurance sports world.

Podcast 169 with Gerry Rodriguez of Tower 26
Gerry Rodrigues started swimming in the open water 50 years ago. He has over 100 open water titles and is one of the most experienced swim coaches of our time. He is the founder of Tower 26, a coaching empire that focuses on preparing triathletes to be race-ready. In this episode, he gives us the keys to the kingdom by sharing his well-informed experiential wisdom on swimming for the sport of triathlon.

Podcast 171 with Philip and Renee
Philip Urso and Renee Deslauriers are co-owners of Live, Love Teach – Yoga Teacher Training School and Rhode Island Power Yoga. They are co-creators of the Yoga-Based Stress Reduction (YBSR) educational program, and their goal is to identify a more evidence-based approach to yoga classes. Philip is in his 4th-semester of graduate-level classes at Harvard University. His work focuses on medical and psychological studies on anxiety, yoga, and mindfulness.

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Podcast 159: Magdalena Boulet on Sports Nutrition, Longevity and Rising Up for her Biggest Disappointment

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