Podcast 188: Tommy Rivers Puzey, Elite Runner on Metabolizing Emotion and Harvesting Fitness at the Exact Right Time

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“Consistency honestly, is everything. It’s absolutely everything.”
-Tommy Rivers Puzey

The goal was to be a professional triathlete. After accidentally qualifying for the World Championships in Kailua-Kona, he assumed a path to Ironman greatness and believed that he would return to the island year after year. The plan felt pretty perfect and would allow more time to be with his wife and young children then his previous track to attend medical school. Yet, there was a quintessential piece that he was not honest with, and as his body continued to ask him to listen, he continued to ignore its callings.

Over time this caught up to him, and his body eventually hit its limit. Tommy sustained a broken leg, and with no Plan B, this may have seemed like the worst thing possible at the time. In reality, it led to his most significant discoveries. Forced to be gentle with his body and patient in his healing, he reignited his academic career and literally walked into the next phase of his journey.

After his long day of training in the Grand Canyon, we caught up with Tommy for a meaningful conversation in his hometown of Flagstaff, AZ. If you know Tommy, then you won’t be surprised that this conversation runs deep. He shares with us how he metabolizes emotion and the hard lessons he learned from going hard as well as his aspirations to be on the starting line in Atlanta this coming February for the Olympic Marathon Trials.

We cover a variety of potent topics for those who desire to be their fittest and fastest yet, including an explanation of the stress, rest, adapt cycle as we have never heard it before on this show. There is no sexy recipe to success and perhaps hearing it from one of the most versatile runners in the field may fall resonate on new ears.

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