Podcast 187: Vic Johnson, Vegan Trail Runner, on Plant-Based for Performance

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Humans are highly adaptable beings with bodies that always organize towards health. When we are younger, we experience more resiliency and, frankly, can get away with more in terms of what we put into our bodies. Yet over time, they will ask more of us, and if we don’t listen, they will break down to the point where we must look closer at our choices.

For athletes, performance is one of the first areas we will see the reflection of a poor diet. Calorie deficits, combined with the physiological confusion created from consuming processed foods and an overabundance of nutrition information, leave many athletes lacking confidence in their nutrition choices. Many will throw their hands up and give up altogether.

That’s where our guest today comes in. Vic Johnson has been plant-based since his high school years on account of a challenge from his mom to try a vegan diet for one week. Vic was a cross-country and track athlete. When his coach caught wind of his nutrition changes, he expressed his concern for Vic’s health, thinking that he would not be able to get the appropriate nutrients required for an athlete. Vic agreed that if his performance suffered, then he would consider changing his diet again.

Almost two decades later, Vic has yet to change his diet.

Very quickly, he felt the benefits of plants on performance and now dedicates his career to assisting athletes in finding the right foods for them. He relies heavily on science-based research and is on the cutting edge of information as he works in the Prandia Lab at Northern Arizona University studying the effects of nutrition on athletes.

Vic is a wealth of information, and we are grateful that he is with us for this episode. Thank you so much for your support. Please check out our Patreon community for episodes of the YTP mini and over 100 more exclusives for our podcast supporters.

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