Podcast 186: Telsys Tarallo, Entrepreneur, Actor and Plant-Based Triathlete on her Ironman DNF and Not Dimming Her Light

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By our nature as endurance athletes, we are innately skilled at pushing through. I believe many will agree that backing off is where the real challenge is faced and never more so than on race day. After all the months and hours of preparation, there is an undeniable investment in finishing what we start.

The countless moments when we lace up our shoes when everything in our mind and body screams, “Netflix!”. The sacrifices, the sleep deprivation, the highs, and the lows. We are endurance athletes; we do it anyway. We show up and damn it; we push through.

Telsys Tarallo did the work leading up to Ironman Arizona, even though she had a deep knowing that something was missing. She showed up on race day with her physical preparation in the barn, but there was a noticeable absence of fire. The very same quality she was fighting to retrieve in her training. Never the less, Telsys toed the lined and jumped in the cold waters of Tempe Town Lake just a few Sundays ago. She completed the swim and headed out on the bike where at mile-75, she called it a day — her first DNF. A hard reality to swallow, but what was even more troubling for Telsys was that she couldn’t find her “fight”.

We caught up with this amazing triathlete the morning after Ironman Arizona, and it was clear that she felt peaceful with her decision. She was living in gratitude for everything she accomplished along the way. Telsys is a beacon of light; she leans towards to positive side of life and is always open to the lessons of life. Despite not finishing her third Ironman triathlon, she has no plans of quitting anytime soon.

Telsys is a mom, triathlete, actor, entrepreneur, and yogi. She’s been a YTP fan for years. She admits to drinking the same Koolaid as Coach BJ and I. We were grateful to meet her in person at Ironman Santa Rosa in 2018 and excited to introduce her deeper into the YT community with this episode. Thank you for your support of the show, we think you’re going to enjoy this conversation with a woman we consider to be, a true YogiTriathlete.

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