Podcast 180: Mel Urie, Plant-Based UltraDistance Triathlete on Making History at Uberman: A 556-Mile Triathlon Odyssey

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Imagine your next triathlon starting at 10 pm in the dark, deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. Imagine burning your mouth so severely from the saltwater intake of your 11+ hour swim that eating during the 400-mile bike leg becomes unbearable. Then imagine after 2-days of riding your bike and climbing 20,000 feet that you lace up your shoes for the final leg — a 135-mile run through Death Valley.

Imagine the years of preparation, enduring patience, and unwavering faith that it takes to show up day after day. To not just hashtag, but live, a “no excuse” life. This story is the one of Mel Urie, the first female to attempt and complete Uberman.

Mel is of the character that describes the culture of ultra-endurance athletics. Stubborn, for as long as she can remember, she knows that once the adventure begins, she will not stop until the finish line. She watches closely for limiting beliefs and tests strategies to overcome them in her training sessions. There is no time off from training the mind, and Mel is one of the few that embodies this truth on our planet today. From fatigue to extreme heat, Mel has re-programmed her brain time and again to ensure that she is always moving forward.

To say that this conversation is epic, informative, inspiring, is to try to describe in indescribable. Mel Urie shares her experience, her techniques, her gratitude, and grit with us today. We are honored to have connected with her and her husband, Michael, shortly after her Uberman finish.

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