Podcast 176: Mike Silva of FOUNDATIONperformance on Choosing Happiness Over Money and Staying Healthy for Distance Running

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Today, BJ plays host to the YTP when he interviews his lifelong friend, Michael Silva. Mike is the founder and President of FOUNDATIONperformance. He is an orthopedic, sports medicine physical therapist, exercise physiologist, and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Much of his career since 2000 has been in rehabilitating and preventing injuries in the distance running world.

He has worked with runners associated with the USA National Olympic team, Irish National Olympic team, New Zealand National Olympic team, Australia National Olympic team, most of the colleges and universities in New England, Boston Athletic Association, and more. Some of his elite running clients include Molly Huddle, Amy Hastings-Craig, Johnny Gregorek, Roisin McGettigan, Tim Ritchie, Lauren Fleshman, Kim Smith, Amy Rudolph, Marc Carroll, Keith Kelly, Amy Mortimer, Mary Cullen, and Sara Jameison.

Today is a deep dive into Mike’s story. He shares the leap of faith; he and his wife, Carla, took to open FOUNDATIONperformance during a time in their life when taking a risk did not make sense. Although he had a full-time job as a physical therapist and making good money, he was unhappy and in a bit of disbelief. The career Michael aspired to left him unfulfilled within the first year. He focused his education to become a physical therapist, spent a ton of money to pursue this career and shortly after graduation found himself miserable. He knew he needed to make a change, and so he started looking at jobs outside of physical therapy. After an “all-nighter” with Carla, they decided to forget what made sense and pursue happiness on a new level. At first, FOUNDATIONperformance had Mike living the hustle yet wholly fulfilled. He was driving all over the state to see clients at their homes and doing what it took to give his dream the wings it needed to fly. Every entrepreneur can relate to this phase of building a business.

Mike holds a high-level of expertise and experiential wisdom in the field of runner’s health. He believes that staying healthy and on top of foundational balance in the body is the way to go. Michael is the creator of RUNstrong, a 55-minute circuit-style strength class aimed at creating better and less injured runners. He is a public speaker and educator for athletes and coaches across the country. He has stayed true to working with a population that inspires him to be better every day, and he created great success from not chasing the money over the years.

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