Podcast 174: Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz Smackdown with Team YogiTriathlete

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Every time we show up to the start line of a race, we walk into the unknown. Endurance sports keep you honest, so it doesn’t matter if you have 15 years in the game or just went for your first swim 3.5 months ago. Every race presents its own unique experience.

From forgetting nutrition to water-filled goggles to an absence of running for almost a month leading into Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz, three members of Team YogiTriathlete navigated the unknown this past weekend. And today, we smack it down.

Ben, Amy, and Coach BJ shared their race reports, their challenges, their techniques for staying calm, and their palpable joy for multi-sport. In the YTP smackdown tradition, we dive into the mental aspects of the race and how each athlete ebbed and flowed with awareness. Team YogiTriathlete continues to grow and shine in the world of triathlon, and ultra running. We have a spot waiting for you. Perhaps it is time to break out of the box of limitations that fool us into feeling safe and race your absolute best self every day of your life.

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Episode 174 Show Notes:

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