Podcast 171: Philip Urso and Renee Deslauriers on Yoga-Based Stress Reduction and the Disservice of Safety-ism

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Anxiety is the fear of fear, and the statistics around this fear have skyrocketed over the last decade. We see heightened levels of anxiety throughout all generations, but the most alarming is that of the IGEN population. IGEN is the generation of humans who have never known a life without technology. Clicks, alerts, and documentation of their every moment’s goings-on are dominating lives and driving anxiety statistics through the roof.

Today we sit down with two very passionate yoga instructors who are committed to providing an environment that serves as a front-line defense for anxiety. One that fosters all ages and creates no division.

Philip Urso and Renee Deslauriers are co-owners of Live, Love Teach – Yoga Teacher Training School and Rhode Island Power Yoga. They are co-creators of the Yoga-Based Stress Reduction (YBSR) educational program, and their goal is to identify a more evidence-based approach to yoga classes.

We sat down with them during our recent visit to New England following our guest teaching spot at Rhode Island Power Yoga. This conversation is passionate and a product of pure presence. As microphones toss from one person to another, we hear not only the sounds of passing traffic but also Philip rifling through his piles of scientific research notes. In YTP fashion, this is a power-packed episode. Philip is in his 4th-semester of graduate-level classes at Harvard University. His work focuses on medical and psychological studies on anxiety, yoga, and mindfulness.

In this episode, we talk about our chronically over-entertained society, the staggering statistics of anxiety, the dangers of our culture of “safety-ism” and the critical elements of their YBSR program. Thank you for joining us for another episode of the YTP and for being a part of our collective mission to create a better world.

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