Podcast 170: IRONMAN Race Director Sabrina Houston on her Catalina Channel Crossing LIVE from PlayTri

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Native to the coastal shores of Southern California, Sabrina Houston first heard about the Catalina Channel Crossing as a young girl. A swimmer by nature, Sabrina grew up swimming in the Pacific, and there was something about that crossing she couldn’t quite shake. It stayed with her for decades and moved deep into her heart where it became a dream she saw to fruition less than two weeks ago.

Sabrina was a competitive athlete through high school and college, she is used to the long training hours and focused determination it takes to realize a goal. She now dedicates her professional life to the endurance athlete as co-owner of PlayTri Oceanside and race director of IRONMAN 70.3 Indian Wells – La Quinta.

The Catalina Channel crossing is one of the Oceans Seven, a list of seven-channel swims around the world that represent some of the most daunting challenges on the planet. In this episode, Sabrina takes us through this epic life event from inspiration through to the dry sands of Sacred Cove beach where she landed after 12 hours, 52 minutes and 12 seconds of swimming.

This conversation covers all the bases and thanks to Sabrina’s husband and crew chief, Matt; we gain deep clarity on the challenges she faced for over 22 miles. From cross currents to water temperatures, mental waning, and intense fatigue, we all get a distinct picture of the daunting reality of a significant channel swim such as Catalina.

Thank you to the live audience who attended Friday night’s taping of this episode. Thank you to our Patreon supporters who ensure the longevity of this podcast. And, thank you to the YT community at large who are living off the front and furthering our mission to create a better world.

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