Podcast 162: Kyla Maher on Getting Sober and Giving Up All the Things for an Adventure of Service

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Kyla had all the things. Successful yoga studio, steady following, online clothing company, a boyfriend, and she was on the verge of purchasing a condo until a profound directive from within interrupted it all. As it so often does, life from the outside looked idyllic but inside, Kyla was suffering from constant low-level anxiety. She was teaching her iconic Tuesday night Kundalini class one moment then in the next moment, she was home seeking comfort from a tub of ice cream. Her life, as she explains it, felt like reading a book too close to her face. Kyla had no space to breathe and felt claustrophobic in a seemingly perfect life.

She started to listen carefully to the voice that was arising from within, and the idea of being in service became more prevalent until she could no longer deny that she had to make a change. She began by stepping away from teaching, and then one step at a time she found her way into the adventure of a lifetime.

Kyla is currently on a 12-month, 11-city journey to spread the teachings of yoga with underserved communities across the country. Despite a fear-filled voice that tried to keep her small, Kyla is well into her year-long adventure. Today she shares about the ebb and flow of life on the road and the space she has given herself to explore who she truly is. We dive into her story of sobriety and how that led to her becoming a Kundalini teacher. She has planned to run a half marathon in each city along the way and is in pursuit to match her best half-marathon time from college before the end of her trip. A long-time runner, Kyla explains why Kundalini yoga is excellent training for endurance athletes.

We are grateful to have connected with Kyla in Ojai, California last month, and we think you are going to enjoy the variety of topics that we go into during this conversation. Thank you for your support of the show.

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Episode 162 Show Notes:

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