Podcast 139: Talbot Cox on Disrupting the Norm, Outworking Fear and Living a Passion Fueled Career

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There is no one that I have heard of who has followed their passion into a career and not been introduced to its best friend, the hustle. I also have never heard of anyone who has followed their passion into a career and not embraced the hustle. I believe that is because passion, by its nature, is such a dominant state of being that the pursuant individual is placed, by default, at its beck and call.

Passion easily takes place of sleep and food. It serves as the nectar of life and energy itself. Living a passion-fueled career is not for the faint of heart as walking this path promises to bring adversity and opportunity for growth. It will take you to the place where most people walk away in lieu of uncertainty and it will show you its power of light and dark in equal force. For those of us who have come out the other side, hopefully unscathed, find a momentum so powerful that is harder to abandon your dreams than to continue the hustle.

This is where we find our guest today. Talbot Cox is in the slipstream of his creation and knows there is no other direction to move than forward. He has faced adversity and triumphed. He has seen how fast a life savings can dwindle and how quickly a financial situation can turn into debt. Following his passion with full-gas has also caused a major disruption in the norm of sports media and with that, many people are not supporters of his mission but this has not stopped him. His intention is not to upset. His intention is not to hoard the knowledge that has afforded him exceptional success in a short period of time. Talbot is very clear on his intention and that is to grow a sport that he holds very close to his heart and create abundance for as many involved as possible along the way.

Through his passion-fueled life, there is no doubt that Talbot will exceed every dream in this life. He is certainly someone to follow into the future. Thank you for tuning in to this episode and for supporting YTP as a whole. This podcast is 100% listener supported, please check out the show notes for ways to increase your support and assist this community in creating a better world.



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Episode 139 Show Notes:

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