Podcast 126: Trent Theroux, Endurance Athlete on the Thrust of Resiliency and Living for the Good of All

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With his crew ready for action and the window for success narrowed to one-day, Trent jumped into the chill and chop of the English Channel. He began his journey to France with an unrelenting will after two years of financial, mental and physical preparation. With currents stronger than what most of us would brave, Trent followed through one stroke after the other.

All was on track, including the random selection of disco ongoing in his mind as a means to stay mentally sharp. With waves coming from every direction, Trent constantly adapted to the conditions of the moment until the one thing he could not have prepared for entered his body.

Hour by hour he checked into his reality. He knew he could keep going but for how long? The miles ahead were undeniably in question. He thought of his crew. He thought of the spinal cord injury community that he was honoring and he no doubt remembered the moment in his life sixteen years ago when everything changed.

It was a full-moon night, after a stressful day at work on September 23, 2002, that Trent set off in his kayak completely unaware that his life was about to take a dramatic shift. On his return paddle home, he noticed a boat that was a few miles away. Not feeling a threat, Trent continued until the hum of the boat’s motor grew louder. He looked back again to see that is was on a direct track towards his kayak. Knowing that he had just moments to act, he started waving his paddle and yelling loudly to alert the boaters of his presence. The boat continued towards him, he knew he was going to be hit.

Trent, an adept storyteller, generously shares the haunting details of this fateful night. From his descriptive recount of being hit to the moment when he realized he was paralyzed to his physical recovery and his struggle with forgiveness, Trent takes us behind the scenes of his life-changing experience.

From his hospital bed, he set a strong resolve not only to walk again but to check off all the items from a list he created while paralyzed. Over time and through dedicated rehabilitation, Trent regained his ability to walk. He has made peace with the men that hit him that night and he has gone on to raise over $100,000 for the spinal cord injury community through multiple endurance swim events.

This conversation is about resiliency, forgiveness and living a life that goes beyond our personal desires. Trent understands that the greatest joy in life comes from a life that is lived for the good of all. I am so honored to be connected with such a great man. Thank you for tuning into to this episode show, please share with your communities and assist us in further spreading this message of purpose.


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Episode 126 Show Notes:

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