Podcast 125: Nola Ganem of One World Cacao on Following your Dreams with Fierce Determination

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One of the most flawed belief systems of our modern day society is that hard work is the only way to get anywhere in life. On the contrary, it just so happens that the universe requires the act of allowing to fully realize all that lies in the imagination. Now that doesn’t mean we sit around binging on Netflix expecting more commas in our bank balance. It is through the fine balance of acting and allowing that deliberate manifestation will occur. We must have a relentless focus and our belief of what is possible must be beyond doubt but the importance of taking time to simply allow, between taking action, cannot be overlooked.

The universe works best when all is in flow. If we are pushing through our life like we are pushing a boulder up a hill we will weaken our resolve to create from our deepest calling. If we are working 100-hours a week and trying so hard to make something happen from exhausted energy we are calling in more suffering and exhaustion into our life. The action found in inaction or allowing is the missing piece for so many who are wanting to create. In my experience, it takes just as much strength to allow as it does to act. It’s a new concept to our society but not to the universe, maximum benefit from minimal effort was set as soon as the universe began.

Today we dive in deep with our dear friend Nola Ganem to unveil her story of finding finesse in creation. Nola has used her strong resolve to stand up to her fears and she has opened her eyes to her excuses which has allowed her to step into the exact reason she came to this earth. This conversation is deep and we highly recommend a second or third listen. Take notes and soak up the wisdom because this woman has been through the gauntlet more than once in order to continue to uplevel her frequency to create.

Nola is the founder of One World Cacao which offers 100% Single Origin Eco-Forested Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Guatemala in order to support its global and local wellness, educational, and trades programs. If you have listened to this podcast before then you know how much we love Nola’s cacao. But it goes deeper than the undeniable benefits of this “food for the shift”, One World is on a mission to provide an authentic cacao experience for the North American market through empowered education, experience, outreach, and adventure. They serve as the bridge to connect hearts and minds, communities and cultures. Nola’s purpose on this earth is no doubt steeped in removing the illusion that we are separate by creating deep connection across the globe.

This is one woman’s story of manifesting her heart’s desire and all that it has taken to get her to where she is today. Nola is a healer by nature and we are so grateful to her for sharing her wisdom with the YT community.


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Episode 125 Show Notes:

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