Podcast 120: Ironman Mont Tremblant Smackdown with Coach BJ and Finding Kona

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Returning guest Mary Knott, a.k.a. Finding Kona, and Head Coach BJ smackdown their recent performances at Ironman Mont Tremblant. Tune in and get the inside scoop from these two top age groupers in the Ironman field. Learn about Mary’s complete derailment at the beginning of her season and how she used her yogi mind skills to come back stronger than ever. Mary and BJ run down their experiences while diving into listener questions to quell the curiosity around what it takes to put together the perfect race.

Mary was the main event of YTP 50 where we recapped her journey to finding her aloha at the Ironman World Championships in 2016. Since that day she has gone on to a 2nd place finish Ultraman Australia and to being welcomed to the Ultraman World Championships that will take place in November 2018. Mary is a dedicated meditator which has taken her innate ability for deep focus to an entirely new level. She is an athlete to watch and learn from as she continues to get stronger mentally and physically every single day.

Coach BJ will continue his path towards finding his Kona qualification as he finished just 7 minutes off the last qualifying time in Tremblant. His puzzle pieces continue to show us that he is Kona worthy but they have yet to all come together in one race. We believe, without doubt, that this will happen at IM Santa Rosa 2019 where, like Mary, he will fulfill his calling to the big island.

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Episode 120 Show Notes:

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