Podcast 101: Oceanside 70.3 Smackdown with Professional Triathlete Eric Lagerstrom and Head Coach BJ

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In this episode, we smack it down with Professional Triathlete, Eric Lagerstrom, and our own Head Coach BJ in honor of their inaugural battles on the Oceanside 70.3 course. These competitors do not disappoint as I dive into their mindsets, pain factors and strategies.

Eric debuted with an impressive performance landing him in 4th place just on the tails of champions, Jan Frodeno, Lionel Sanders and Tim Reed. To say that this guy has what it takes is an understatement. I had the pure joy of seeing him swim just off the feet of Jan in their lonely lead pack of two and then to witness his unwavering strength on Oceanside’s unrelenting run course. It was easy to see the Eric was in top form for this race but it’s the race inside his head that always has my curiosity.

Also debuting on this course but certainly not his first 70.3 was Coach BJ. We dive into his race day experience which appears to have been nothing less than rough, regardless of how he describes it. BJ’s recount of his race is a supreme sign of his mental state due to his uncompromising mind training. It seems impossible for him to label anything as negative these days. Rather he believes it’s all about what we can learn about ourselves and take away for our next experience. Getting sick on the bike, losing nutrition and a surprising go around with pain and numbness in his leg, BJ not only kept going but he kept pushing to the very last step.

Both of these competitors are mind masters, they are either strongly focused or getting curious about the commentary in their heads. They are always pushing to become better, faster and more skillful at the sport that no doubt brings them great joy in life. For me, it was a great joy to sit with these amazing athletes and pull our their race reports for all to experience.

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Episode 101 Show Notes:

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