Podcast 100: Mike Reilly on Being the Cause of your Own Experience and the Healing Power of the Ironman Family

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Every word we speak, every action we take and every thought we indulge is the precursor to what we create in our lives. In the words of today’s guest, “we are the cause of our own experience”. Mike Reilly has been on the front lines of what is possible since the 1980’s serving as not only the race announcer but the epitome of athletic accomplishment for countless numbers of people dedicated to pushing their limits.

In 1991, Mike said four words at the Ironman World Championship in Kona that will no doubt go down in history as the most powerful words ever spoken in the world of endurance sports. “You are an Ironman” has become a universal language and a major motivator for Ironman triathletes all over the globe.

As we approached our 100th episode both BJ and I agreed, without hesitation that Mike would be the perfect guest to share with the YT tribe. He so graciously accepted our offer and just a few weeks ago we sat down with the legendary voice in our home to record this episode. We dive into his origin story, how the famous phrase came to life and what he’s learned about the human spirit to name just a few.

I know from my own experience that Mike’s voice pulled me through many miles when I wanted to stop and walk. I’ve also heard from many athletes what it means to them to hear Mike say their name and how he serves as daily motivation to take the next step towards their finish line. As you will so clearly hear, Mike lives from a deep place of gratitude and reverence. I would say that we feel the same way about being able to share with you today, our conversation with the legendary voice of Ironman.

Thank you so much for supporting the show. We are grateful for you all.



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Episode 100 Show Notes:

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