Newport 10 Miler Training Plan

Newport 10 Miler Training Plan
January 22, 2014 Brian

10 miles.  Means something different to each and every runner.  Could be a goal just to finish, could be a warmup to something bigger down the road…Boston maybe?  In either case, I wanted to put together a simple running plan that can you take to completing a 10 mile race, with only 10 weeks of training.  A fun local race I participated in last year was the Newport 10 Miler, put on by Matt Gray of Gray Matter Marketing. The race begins and ends at Fort Adams State Park, and the COURSE rolls along Ocean Drive and Bellevue Ave before heading back to the Fort for an epic finish…inside the actual Fort itself.  This year, the event takes place on Sunday, April 27 at 8am.

The attached plan will begin on Sunday February 16 which gives you 10 weeks to train before the race.  Leading up to that time, I strongly recommend you begin with short runs of 2-3 miles every other day, and work in some cross training.  That can consist of yoga, swimming, cycling or light weights.  My choice would be yoga, and if you haven’t yet participated in a yoga class, this is a great time to begin your practice.  In Newport, there are numerous studios to choose from, but I find Newport Power Yoga to benefit me or any athlete the best.  Plus, I can highly recommend one of the teachers…my wife, Jessica (Yogi Triathlete) who teaches there often.  Go give it a try!

When visiting this link, you’ll be brought to a Google Doc.  You’ll then want to ‘Save and Make a Copy’ of the  document for yourself.  The first tab outlines the entire 10 weeks.  Then each subsequent tab is labeled by the week you are in, and shows what workout you have that day.  A large area underneath each day is there for your daily notes.  Use this to detail what you actual did that day, how you felt, what the weather was like, etc…  Tracking these moments allow you to look back in time as the race nears, and see how far you’ve come and draw upon those days when you just didn’t want to run, but did and you felt great.  So go enjoy this journey, and comment below with any questions you have about the plan.  Good luck!

About Me:
My name is Brian Gumkowski, most know me as ‘BJ’.  I’m a 5-time Ironman Triathlete and have completed many olympic & sprint triathlons, as well as 5k’s, 10k’s, 10 milers, half marathons and full marathons.  My philosophy is keep it simple.  When training and eating, I like to not over think what I’ll need to perform my best on that day.  Over the years, I’ve learned to enjoy the experiences and the results will take care of themselves.  I hope I can help you jump start your passion for running with this 10 week plan to 10 miles.

10 Mile Training Plan

You will need to ‘save a copy’ in order to edit and add in your notes.


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