Meet the High Vibers

“We risked everything for the greatest thing we’ve ever created.

YogiTriathlete is the lifestyle, wellness and coaching team of Jess and BJ Gumkowski. It is centered around their passion for sharing a recipe of vibrancy that has transformed the way they approach everything in their life. It’s a recipe that takes the work out of life and gives entry to the coveted flow state. Jess and BJ refer to this process as tapping into the inner badass.

The YogiTriathlete method merges athleticism and mindfulness to achieve optimal performance. Through physical fitness and mental fortitude, Jess and BJ train their athletes how to lift their limits and master their goals. Their high vibe mindset is translated to each athlete through customized one-on-one coaching. Every YT client is seen and trained as a unique and powerful individual.

In 2016, Jess and BJ completed a six-month, 7,000-mile Ride the High Vibe tour to raise awareness that living a more vibrant life is within reach for all. They traveled around the US, sharing their message and interviewing like-minded community members for their podcast.

Jess is a 500-hr Live Love Teach trained yoga and meditation instructor, board-certified massage therapist, 4x Ironman triathlete, 2x 50k ultrarunner, Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator, writer, speaker and podcast host. She credits mindfulness practices and high vibrational eating with creating significant and meaningful changes in her health, career, and relationships; and holds both essential to peak performance in sport and life. Jess has been featured in Triathlete Magazine, Men’s Journal, Massage Magazine, Elephant Journal, and TriZone for her knowledge in holistic health and nutrition.

BJ is a 13x Ironman triathlete, Ironman 70.3 World Championship and Boston Marathon qualifier, personal trainer, triathlon and running coach and a 200-hr Live Love Teach trained yoga instructor. He is a wellness advocate and is certified in Plant-Based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. His zeal for life is infectious as is his passion for serving those around him in achieving their greatest dreams. He works one-on-one with his athletes to empower them to be an active participant in their process of physical and mental growth. When he’s not swimming, biking or running, he’s found in the yoga studio standing on his head, making room to answer life’s epic questions.

Jess, BJ and their golden retriever, Clark (“the joy creator”) live in Carlsbad, California but the YogiTriathlete community spans the globe and is growing every day.