High Vibe Retreat

“If you’re not willing to get uncomfortable and explore your thoughts and feelings, this probably isn’t for you (even though it might be exactly what you need!).  But if you’re ready to push that boundary I highly recommend it.  – High Viber Mary

A weekend immersion for those who crave the Awake and Ready life.

Soak in a higher vibration of life. Your three-day, two-night retreat in the perfection of Southern California includes daily meditation, yoga, mindfulness sessions, physical training/exercise and plant-based cooking and nutrition education.

Our intent is to create the best possible retreat for you. Below is a sample itinerary of what your retreat may look like based on two guests. We will co-create your experience around the number in your group, desired focus and fitness interests. Our commitment is to stay fluid throughout your stay to ensure an experience that is in your highest good.

This is perfect for couples, friends, and singles looking to disrupt their norm, breakthrough limits and see life in a new way by tapping into their inner badass.

Cost: $750 per person
*Up to four guests per retreat.
**Does not include lodging or travel costs.
***Pricing may increase for extended hours and services.
**** Mid-week retreats are available.


ARRIVE (Day 1)

9:00 Morning Cacao at Jess and BJ’s High Vibe Studio (HVS)
10:00 Swim at Alga Norte
12:30 Lunch at Choice Juicery
Journal/Reflection/Free Time
3:30 Yoga
5:30 Plant-Based Dinner at HVS


6:30 Morning Meditation and Breakfast at HVS
9:00 Trail Run
11:30 Lunch at HVS
Journal/Reflection/Free Time
2:00 Bike along the coast
4:00 Yoga or Swim
5:30 Dinner Out


6:30 Morning Cacao and Beach Meditation
9:00 Shake Out Run and Yoga
11:30 Plant-Based treats and coffee/tea at Steady State
Closing Ceremony at HVS