Going Long in 2014

Going Long in 2014
August 1, 2013 Jess

It’s been a quiet year from this end but only certain to represent the internal work that I’ve been gifted to experience.  I’m sure we’ll be talking much more about this in the future, let’s just say its been a year of growth for this little Type-A yogi.

Following Lake Placid last year, I followed my similar routine. Sleeping in, drinking lots of coffee on the porch, putting the hurt on a cinnamon bun and a few cool glasses of Savignon Blanc. I rested and recovered from the season but I noticed the absence of something that I experienced after my 1st Ironman. There was no burnout, no need to take a huge break. In fact, I had thought several times that I should have signed up for 2013. I never quite lost that feeling and the 140.6 craving continued to grow all year long.

Never fully committing to signing up, I continually played it down when people would inquire. I was after all, volunteering and showing all the signs of an impending registration.  All the while, I continually received signs that told me I was going long again.

BJ and I headed up to Lake Placid for a training weekend on the course at the end of June. I told Meditator Bob that I was going to connect with the land and wait for the answer. Well, as I explained to MB once I returned from our training weekend, as soon as our car’s wheels hit the bike course on our drive I received a cacophonous, all encompassing and resounding YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS that seemed to echo deep from all sides.

My response, ‘Shit! Fine! OK! YES!’

It doesn’t take much to convince this girl when another great challenge presents itself.  I just want to continue to purify my soul, do the work, and make room for more light to shine, joyful life, I tend to ‘go for it’ and living with a ‘go for it’ type of husband doesn’t help to suppress that tendency.  Then again, why would I want to suppress anything that arises authentically?

I’m continually learning to live my truth.  This life that I have been given and created along with my husband has afforded me an opportunity to consistently heal myself, move out the shit, welcome in the light and love more.  My choice to continue on the Ironman path is not because of a time which will display my finish.  It’s a much deeper education for me, its a fast track, a higher vibrational level of living that teaches me to become more present, accepting and calm in the face of extreme challenge. Add in the unwavering support of my family especially my mother who despite wishing I would’ve had a few 2-leggeds by now continues to be my biggest cheerleader.

I am happy to say I did sign up and that I’ll be back in Lake Placid next July as a competitor. I believe that when it is meant to be it will be provided for you so I’m excited to see how this next year unfolds.


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