Fetch a Dream in 2014

Fetch a Dream in 2014
December 27, 2013 Jess

I mentioned this idea of fetching a dream in my last post because truly, this is the perfect time of year to leap into something you’ve always dreamed of doing. Regardless of what you think about New Year’s resolutions, we cannot deny that there is an abundance of change and renewal in the air.  As with the holidays of the last several weeks there is also great momentum towards celebration and joy. And just in case you needed another reason, remember we’re still in that major awakening cycle that started in 2012.

Why not take advantage of all this positive energy and universal support?  Go after a dream, something you never thought could become reality. Whether you want to run a 5K, start a new career or completely shift directions of your life situation.  It’s all possible, just ask yourself what you dream of and allow it happen. The recipe for making it unfold is quite simple: surrender your fear, trust your journey, do the work and believe 100% in yourself. Simple right?

As MB told me before my last race, ‘Jessica, just get all your faculties going in the same direction and your possibilities are endless.’  In other words, go all in.  If you want to make a change towards living a dream, you will eventually have to go all in before it can happen. I think that’s one of the reasons I love Ironman distance triathlons so much.  By their nature, it requires the athlete go all in and I’ve seen many times that by doing this amazing things can occur.

The inner critic in you will tell you that you are not good enough, not worthy or that you don’t have the time to pursue your dreams.  This is a faculty of the ego and a simple choice not to listen to it will set you free. I have recently been embracing this idea of worthiness and what I can tell you is that if you are a human this is not an easy task.

From the time I could hold a pencil I was writing, hearing stories in my head with dialogue and characters.  I couldn’t have been hit harder with this purpose but still it has taken the better part of 40 years to get the courage to believe in myself enough to pursue it.  If you can understand that timing is always divine you will have no regrets only gratitude when the courage comes to go for it.  Trust that when you are on purpose you will be provided for.  This is a very scary thing to do and the ego will try an talk you out of it.

You must believe that you are worthy of your dreams and that you have gifts to share.  We must fully embrace that pursuing our dreams will not always be easy but know that holding presence during the challenges are the most important times of growth.

The most exciting thing about this life is our ability to live it.  It’s temporary so while you’re here dream big and at least once in your lifetime go all in.


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