Episode 274: Mike Wardian on Being A Little Better Every Day And Running On The Moon

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We are so excited to have Michael Wardian back in the house today; we first sat down with Mike in 2016 for episode 25, where we talked about relentlessly pursuing passion and pushing the limits of what has been made possible.  

Mike is an international shipbroker, speaker, coach, business owner, dad to two boys and two vizslas, Rosie and Bash, and of course, a very well-known ultra runner, which almost feels too blah of a descriptive for this guy. 

His resume on UltraSignUp dates back to 1998. Anyone who knows of Mike never seems to be surprised at his FKT attempts, robust race schedule, or solo adventures like his Guinness book world record attempt for the fastest known time for a marathon in a highland dress. 

Still, I have to say, his win at last year’s Quarantine Backyard Ultra was one of the most epic challenges I’ve witnessed, thanks to social media. It was a virtual race that started with over 2,400 runners from more than 50 countries. It ended over 60 hours later with only two runners left, Mike and Radek Brunner, who missed the start of the 63rd lap, making Mike the winner after 422 kilometers of running. 

As I said, the resume is massive, and we’re super pumped for you to listen in and hear what he is relentlessly brewing up for the future. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • winning the quarantine backyard in 2020
  • FKT for the run across America
  • coming back from injury
  • injury as an opportunity 
  • grow incrementally and stay consistent
  • do weird things that you wouldn’t normally do
  • limiting yourself because you don’t want to learn something
  • mental game crossover of ultra running and chess
  • perspective on engineered nutrition for racing
  • pickleball training for a high altitude ultra
  • unique challenges of a graduate-level 100-miler
  • running on the moon

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