Episode 260: Megan Searfoss, Founder of Run Like A Mother 5K On Trusting Your Crazy Ideas

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Megan Searfoss is a business owner, seasoned triathlete, runner, coach, wife, and mom of three daughters who learned to run because she found it an inexpensive, time-saving, and mostly mind-saving exercise. 

As described by one of our friends who live in Megan’s hometown, “she is so remarkable, a ring leader of the local triathlon community. Positive, even-handed and supportive of all other businesses, nonprofits and individuals”. 

We know a bit about her background from our digging around, and we know that although her positivity may be innate, her life experience has not been without challenge. 

Megan is the founder of Run Like Mother 5k, a national race series, and author of See Mom Run: Every Mother’s Guide to Getting Fit and Running Her First 5K.

We’re excited to be in the company and learn from this pillar of the community. Thank you for joining us; enjoy the show.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • solving the world’s problems on long training rides
  • accepting what you cannot control
  • the diagnosis that drastically changed her life
  • don’t squash your feelings
  • runs are perfect for ugly cries
  • racy ladies
  • the birth story of Run Like A Mother
  • trust your crazy ideas
  • Megan’s craptacular life
  • terrorists would not bomb if they were runners
  • being all that and being who you want to be
  • failing forward

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Episode 260 Show Notes

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