10 Months to Ironman Cozumel

10 Months to Ironman Cozumel
January 28, 2015 Jess

Mental, spiritual and physical growth is basically what is happening in the Yogi Triathlete household.  I feel like I am tapping in deeper each day and being gifted more and more, a life of flow and ease. I’m getting a lot of questions about my training so I thought it was time for a good ole’ training update.

Always first on my list is yoga.  My meditation practice is strong and sometimes intense, just the way I like it – burning up the karma.  I skype with Meditator Bob every two weeks and meditate daily.  It’s rare at this point that I miss a day simply because I crave it now.  I go to bed at night thinking, “I can’t wait to get up and meditate”.  MB says I’m hitting higher levels of consciousness.  With the disappearance of my, let’s be honest now, glasses of wine every night I notice I have more clarity and alertness overall.  My physical yoga practice is hanging tight at three heated practices a week and in combo with the classes I teach, I’m in high temps and humidity at least 12 hours a week.  Perfect training for Cozumel.

Beej and I started swimming masters in November at the local Boys and Girls Club.  Saline pool, a few miles away from our house and early morning classes made this an easy switch from our old pool.  It’s been a great learning experience.  We swim all the strokes in this class and often.  This is not my usual swim training regime but it’s been an opportunity to gain strength and a good filler during my longer than normal off season.  My plan is to stick with this for another month and then slide into specific training for Syracuse 70.3 in June.  I’d like to keep at least one masters class a week. I’ve never put this kind of pool time in during my off season, so it will be interesting to see how it translates.

As far as the bike is concerned, I love my bike, I love to bike and I’ve been training steady in this discipline for months. I ride about 4 times a week right now, nothing more than 75 minutes. Consistent strength and Z4 sets have me feeling strong going into my endurance training over then next few months.  The long and steady phase, where my goals and visions fully lay out and time commitment increases, especially when it comes to the bike. Although I look forward to those full day training sessions, I’m in no rush.

Running and me are back together.  It’s been a slow return but that’s what my foot required.  Tendonitis showed up in my left foot right after Lake Placid in the form of great inflammation and pain at the insertion point of my peroneal tendons.  I would take a few days off here and there, sometimes weeks but it just never healed completely.  Then in November I stopped running all together, donated my running shoes and let my foot heal.  At the end of December I started to walk in a new pair of Hokas then integrated a few minutes of running with full recovery in between.  I am still working with a run/walk plan but my running is increasing and my tendonitis is gone.  Yoga has helped so much in strengthening my feet in general especially in standing balance poses.  Ice, heat, massage and stretching have been key as well.

This year also brings new guidance in the form of a coach who happens to be my husband.  For the last 10 years I’ve supported Beej’s sport and health through massage therapy and yoga.  He has listened to my knowledge because he knows that I have much to share on those subjects.  I can see so clearly that it is my turn to listen now as I have watched him study the sport of triathlon for the last decade. Testing out workouts, being the guinea pig and fine tuning his ability to go beyond the physical in his racing.  With yoga as a non-negotiable for his athletes there was no way I couldn’t train with him. This guy knows his stuff!

All in all, my training is solid and exactly where it should be this time of year.  It’s not all consuming, it’s manageable and flexible.  This is how I plan to keep it simply by taking it workout by workout, moment to moment. Everyday I am honing my ability to live in the present moment because when I am here, life flows with ease.



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