YTP #35 Victoria Moran on Living Vegan on Main Street

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For six months, during our Ride the High Vibe Tour, BJ and I experienced many unforgettable moments as we shared the mic with some of the most vibrant souls in our nation. Today’s guest, Victoria Moran, is one of those people.

Victoria is a bestselling author, obesity survivor and current title holder of Peta’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50. Victoria lives her brilliance and intelligence by example through a vibrant vegan life. Dedicated to saving the lives of as many animals as she can while on this earth, she has created an entire lifestyle around her mission.

Most notably known for her iconic book, Main Street Vegan, Victoria is a very big name in the plant-based world and we are quite honored to share her story with the YT community. I am almost done with reading this book and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who is plant-curious. I’ve been vegetarian for most of my life and vegan for over five years, I have learned so much from this book because honestly living a harmless life is found on so many levels. Victoria meets you where you are at and her style of writing is a joy to digest.

Victoria is the author of the first book on vegan ethics from a publisher, Compassion The Ultimate Ethic, which, was, in fact, her college thesis. She was introduced to the vegan life while living in London during her days in fashion school although she had already been living as a vegetarian for many years. She remained vegetarian because being vegan, at the time, felt too extreme.

The daughter of parents who held professional roles in the weight loss industry, Victoria describes herself as the fat kid who suffered from food addiction and weight issues for decades. Always curious about the idea of “beyond”, Victoria shares her first spiritual experience as a child and reveals the person who had a profound effect on her life at a young age.

Victoria remains a very curious person and pulls much of her literary prowess from those around her. She lives in Harlem with her husband William and their dog Forbes. She is so clearly in love with the energy of New York City and admittedly prefers coffee shop writing over seclusion.

In our conversation, we talk about everything vegan and the way in which Victoria articulates her insight makes living the vegan lifestyle feel logical and attainable. We address all the frequently asked questions, the ones that all vegans had at their vegan beginnings, and she shares beautiful advice for those who are just getting started.

Main Street Vegan opened up so many doors for Victoria, one of which is her Main Street Vegan Academy where she certifies participants as Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators. Without any guarantees of anyone showing up, Victoria opens the doors to the Academy. Years later that academy is thriving and she describes it as a five and a half day miracle. The caliber of her speakers is mind-blowing as is the diversity of the program and subject matter addressed. This is a full-spectrum professional development training academy and we’re secretly hoping for one on the west coast soon.

Victoria describes her vegan lifestyle as a wonderful ethical stance and, although she is clearly in it for the welfare of animals, her vitality and vibrancy shine like the North Star.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode with Victoria Moran, she is so well-spoken and eloquent in her delivery. We truly cherished our moments with her and are so happy to have her in the YT community.



Episode #35 Show Notes

Main Street Vegan

Main Street Vegan Academy – online application

Urban Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitation

JL Fields Goes Vegan

Victoria’s Books Mentioned on the Show – Living a Charmed Life, Good Karma Diet, Compassion the Ultimate Ethic, The Love Powered Diet, Fit From Within

Victoria’s Amazon Page – her full literary catalog

American Vegan Society

Freedom – stop being distracted by your phone

La Diva Dietitian

Vegan Mos

Riverdel Cheese – stayed tuned for upcoming YTP episode with Riverdel founder, Michaela Grob

Pleasantville Creamery

Kat Mendenhall – cowboy boots

John Joseph – YTP #21


Christopher-Sebastian McJetters

James Mc Williams: author of Just Food

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  1. Nicole 11 months ago

    Thank you Jess, BJ, and Victoria,

    This was my favorite podcast yet. A loving, joyful strand of motivation flowed through this conversation and made me feel like anything is possible. So whether or not you wish to be vegan or not, this conversation is for you! You made my weekend! I’m off to yoga riding the high vibe! Thank you!!

    • Author
      Jess 11 months ago

      We love your note! Thank you so much for listening and supporting the show. Victoria is such a lovely voice in the vegan world, we are so grateful for our time with her and that we get to share her with the YT community. Keep riding the high vibe! Hope you had a great yoga practice. Namaste- Jess

  2. Valerie Griffiths 8 months ago

    Amazing Podcast!! Thank you to each of you for putting so much incredible information and detail into it. I just ordered Victoria’s book Main Street Vegan, and I am also going to fill out the application for her Academy this weekend!! So excited to dive into the Vegan community
    even more!!!

    • Author
      Jess 8 months ago

      You will love the book! Our copy is completely marked up, I just wanted it to go on forever and never end. You are perfect for the Academy’s 5-day miracle. Victoria is an absolute joy and wealth of information. Keep riding the high vibe Val. Namaste- Jess


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